How many of us have already eaten more chips, not exercised or in some other way not kept a new years resolution? I heard somewhere that resolutions often don’t last even seven days! I couldn’t offer exact stats on that outside of my straw poll where the vast majority has already failed in at least one, if not more of their resolutions. For me, it’s those darn tortilla chips! They are just sitting there asking to be eaten, plus they are always re-filled so it’s a lose-lose situation. I have already blown the “no carb” resolution. Resolutions, or any promise for that matter, needs to be manageable, meaningful, and measurable. My recommendation was not compliant (aka I have no control when it comes to chips) and therefore I was not able to stick with my undertaking, which can be discouraging when making future resolutions

Now what? What about goals and other resolutions? Some examples I have heard over the years earn more, save more, lose weight, buy more real estate (okay so maybe not the real estate), do more for my future, and pay down the credit cards. To keep resolutions, or other promises, it is essential to look at reality and take time to decide what your priorities are. Choose manageable improvement. For example if cutting tortilla chips out of your diet is too extreme try limiting your visits to the local Mexican restaurant or stop buying them at the grocery store. For measurable goals or resolutions, that is pretty straightforward; can the action be counted? Can it be measured in any fixed amount? First, decide your metric and then track it. For me, it is easier to count the number of trips to my favorite Mexican restaurant than the amount of chips I consume there. Is it meaningful? This is very important, if the resolution does not hold value in your mind it will be much easier forgo your commitment. My commitment to read a new business book each month is meaningful. My commitment to go to sleep one hour earlier, or drink more water is significant, and therefore they will matter more. So create resolutions that matter to you.

Moreover, remember to keep it manageable, measurable, and meaningful because you issue. For your complimentary consultation to discuss your manageable, measurable and meaningful goals, please call us at (714) 577-8758 or email at The Six Step “Clarity Curve” is a process we use to identify, create, and implement custom strategies to achieve your personal goals.

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